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SMS Jokes in Hindi Collection for Free

Sending SMS is one of the favorite activities of all the youngsters in today’s world, it will not be true if said that the activity is reserved only by them, as everyone barring ages is seemed to be interested, because from age 15 to 60, everyone is fond of SMS.

Plenty of SMS websites could be found, when surfing through internet, which comprises of enormous cadres under one roof, such as Funny SMS, Friendship SMS, Birthday SMS, Romantic SMS, etc… one can find every type of SMS that too for all times, including festival times of life. Further the SMS could also be categorized according to the languages spoken, like Hindi, Punjabi, English, and other regional languages spoken in the country.

What is the Use?

Of course the wide collection of SMS could be the biggest benefits out of these sites, further such sites have been updated with various attributes like sending messages to email, and mobile phone, enabling the users to use the messages either via phone, or emails. It is also possible to send in the messages to your friends directly, by just specifying their mobile phone numbers in the site. Most of the sites offer free SMS services, but some sites are demanding in charges for the SMS, probably a particular category of SMS. These sites are indeed the perfect entertainment packages comprising other features like games, mobile application, free songs to download, wallpapers, horoscopes, etc…

Risk Factors

Having said that they are perfect ground to spend in one’s time, the risk of getting dragged is always higher, because from one activity you will be entertained to get into the other, and so on… until you realized that you have spent in more than sufficient time into the activities. Moreover, these sites are feared for the authentic usage, as most of the sites are said to be using the numbers for forwarding advertisements, and other nuisance creating information. It is not certain to use these sites, the risk is higher that your computer might get affected. Recently, the Indian government did impose a band on implementing the service on December 6, which is considered as one of the chaotic religious situations between the Muslims and Hindus in the country. Moreover, most of the complaints have been arisen regarding the promotional activities that are being done via such SMS services, usually such advertisements and promotional messages are sent by attaching at the end of the SMS string, most of the time unknowingly from the senders, this has placed many people in an embarrassing situation.

Benefits for the Service Providers

Well, if a question is being asked regarding what would be the benefits for those who are posting such SMS in the internet, then the best answer would be, precisely business, but how? The major source of money would be from Google’s ad sense, which would be providing in money as per the number of clicks for the advertisements posted by it in the website. Next source of income would be from the marketing firms and other companies, those wish to promote their brands or send information regarding job requirements. Such companies would most probably fall under the ‘small sized firms’ and would be ready to use any kind of channels to send in their information on an enormous amount. They would be paying the site owner to send in their information to huge number of receivers via SMS. But, if such SMS internet sites are worrying about the quality, then for sure they have to take care the authenticity of their sites!

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